Founded by president Hong, Mao-Chi in 1973, ST. FRANCIS took Japanese products as a reference in the early years and products a single-type operating table, focusing on domestic sales with the annual amount of 20. The international trade boomed in 1978, and we exported mostly to undeveloped countries by the introduction of export manufacturers. With our stable quality and competitive price, the products of ST. FRANCIS were widely accepted, and this brought us to export-oriented direction rather than domestic sales.


Crisis was also the opportunity in 1990, Taiwan was affected by international economic depression at this time, and domestic manufacturers got serious impact too. Their export amount shrank drastically and some of the manufacturers were closed. Depending on expanding our international market by ourselves, we kept direct with our customers and created higher profits. This year was a turning point for ST. FRANCIS -we established an independent export department.


At the beginning stage, ST. FRANCIS has only 20 opening tables for our annual amount, but today, we export more than 250 operating tables and 350 operating lights over 60 countries and areas with the 10% annual growth rate. Every year, we join seven to eight foreign medical instrument exhibitions, such as Medica at Dusseldorf Germany and CMEF at China.You can see that our ST. FRANCIS company shares our achievement with our customers or other companies of the same trade in the exhibition place.


In the past 40 years, everybody in ST. FRANCIS keeps the earnest and diligent spirit like “Taiwanese buffalo” and has the ideal of “Quality carried out by me; products satisfied the customers”. Workers under the leadership of president Hong, Mao-Chi and factory director Hong, Chih-Chang, we aim at producing the best-quality operating tables and operating lights at all times, getting the reward from our customers, and earning an essential place in the area of medical instrument with the ST. FRANCIS brand.


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